Focus on VR (360 degree virtual reality) development, mobile APPs programming, designing compatible systems and solutions for customers. Our team is committed to designing the systems and solutions that are needed for our customers, and creating value for our customers. Customer satisfaction is our greatest affirmation and driving force. In the 360/VR aspect, we can customize the application or system according to different requirements. Go to www.radiance.com.hk Try and sp專注於 VR (360度虛擬實景)開發, 手機APPs程式設計, 為客戶設計切合的系統和方案 。我們團隊致力於為客戶設計切合需要的系統和解決方案,並為客戶創造價值,令客戶稱心滿意是對我們最大的肯定和前進動力。其中360/VR方面我們能根據不同的要求定制應用程序或系統。立即到www.radiance.com.hkin every 2nd or 3rd word.


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